Drone Pals FAQ:

What is Drone Pals?

Drone Pals is a collective of the best drone content creators worldwide, including those on their way to becoming the best. Our goal is to create, connect, and inspire.  We want our members to create the best aerial shots on the planet, and help them get paid for it. We want to connect members with others in our community so they can learn more or teach those trying to grow.  We want to help our members gain as much reach as possible to inspire others with their perspective and grow across all media platforms.

Why do I want to be in the Drone Pals Community? 

If you are looking to connect with other photographers in the drone world, get paid for you drone content, grow your social media reach, answer questions about traveling, go on organized trips/adventures, or just want to help others reach their full artistic potential... Drone Pals is for you!

As an Influencer or Brand Ambassador, how do I grow with Drone Pals?

You typically need to be be invited by Drone Pals to become an Influencer or Ambassador, but we will always consider and review requests. As an Influencer or Ambassador, we will position you as an expert in our Drone Pals Community. We provide you with all the tools for growth. There are plenty of campaigns that we work on daily, but we are always open to ideas and suggestions. If you have something you would like to collaborate with Drone Pals on, please suggest it to us. The more you put into the Drone Pals Community, the more you will get out of it.


For more details on Influencer and Ambassador positions, please contact us. 


Who gets featured on Drone Pals Media?

Everyone and anyone can be featured on the Drone Pals Instagram, Website, Newsletters, Emails etc. *Hint* we love featuring members that are very interactive/engaged within our community.


How can I get paid for my Drone Media?

This question is two fold... We help our members license & print their content, and we also connect them as influencers for large known brands. Businesses are always looking for drone photos and video content for their marketing campaigns. We work to connect our community with some of the most recognizable brands.

Does Drone Pals own my media?

Absolutely not!  You are the sole owner of the awesome content you create. We just want to connect you to these different opportunities!


How can I connect regularly with people in the Drone Pals Community? 

Make sure you are in our Slack Group (JOIN HERE). Slack is a messaging app that we use for our community.  

Drone Pals as a Global Community. 

We are very proud that our community spans over 100 countries worldwide! We are working to support as many languages as we can other than English right now.  If you have a suggestion on this, please let us know.

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