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Jess Loiterton

Drone Pals Ambassador

Location: Hawaii, USA

Jess Loiterton (@adventures_ofjess) is located in the beautiful Waikiki, Hawaii. She loves shooting surf and beach scenes, especially at sunset, with her new Mavic 2 Pro. One of her favorite places to shoot is in Waikiki. She loves to capture the hustle, bustle, and color of a busy beach! 


Drone Tip: "Before I bought my first drone a year ago, I spent a good amount of time on YouTube. I knew everything about the drone before I even had it. Research is key. So is editing. So if you want to take it seriously, I suggest Adobe Lightroom desktop version. When I got my drone, for the first 4 months I was using the iPhone app. It just isn’t the same. It’s definitely a must have for any kind of photography. Learn, shoot, have fun with the process & edit!"